Thursday, June 6, 2013

CALLING ALL ARTISTS! local game creators are seeking artists.

CALLING ALL ARTISTS!  local game creators are seeking artists.


My name is Sean McGrath, and I am looking for a comic book artist in the Erie area who would like to get involved in a game/comic book project called "Cthulhu vs. The Vikings". Kristan Wheaton, a local professor who just ran a very successful Kickstarter for his card game "Widget" (, is the designer of this game, which is paired with a comic book that tells the story of how the Vikings came to be in the dire situation of being surrounded by Deep Ones. Sadly, the artist had to back out, and I'm here looking fro a replacement. Kris wants to keep production of CVTV as local as possible, and since Doug knows just about everyone in the community, I'm asking for his help to find you.

If you'd like to know more, you can see the game pieces and concept art here -
While it would be ideal to have a candidate who can draw, ink and color his or her own work, that may not prove to be the case. If you draw, great! If you ink, great! If you color, great! Everyone should apply. So, if this sounds like a project you'd like to be involved in, please email me recent samples of your work (if you have anything horror-based, all the better) to

Thanks and I look forward to seeing what kind of talent Erie has!

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