Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Regional Cancer Center Call for Submissions

Regional Cancer Center Call for Submissions

Regardless of the frame of reference -- the experience of Cancer provides a unique storytelling viewpoint. Whether seen through the lens of a patient or family member, survivor or caregiver, any experience provides critical information to those who have experienced this disease.

In our research, we have found there has yet to be a unique compilation of resources - stories, ideas, tips, or experiences - that can subsist as an all encompassing resource to the Cancer Community. As such, we have begun working on a book concept - in an effort to uplift and inspire, provide some inside knowledge and resources, and to help to create ongoing legacy those that have endured this disease - in our community and beyond. Although the project has yet to be titled, the attached documents provide a detailed outline of what we are looking for in regards to submissions. It will be a publication alive with stories photos (both raw and staged) but one which is also a little more extensive in resources as well.

Individuals can reside anywhere.

If you would, I welcome that you forward this on to anyone who may be interested. Additionally, if you know someone that might be a good candidate, but don’t know if they would take the time to submit, I will welcome a conversation with them.

Also, this is just to provide an outline – submissions chosen will be called for a personal interview and greater detail can be found in the attached document.

If you have any questions, please contact the Regional Cancer Center through the phone number or website address provided.

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